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Final Piece - Artist Research: Elio Leonardo Carchidi

Elio Leonardo Carchidi has been a photographer since the 1980, and also qualified at the best schools in Italy.
In addition, he continues to work with some of the famous Italian and international photographers. Many famous actors and well known people have enjoyed his great work!
Elio use to manage photo studios in Rome and also opened Studio 154 which is a new production house service.

My artist relates to my work as he shows contrast by using various images of the same subject to show different moods and also emotions.

I have used Elio Leonardo Carchidi as my artist comparison as the effect shown in his work are quite similar to the feelings and emotions which are also shown in my work.

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This is a good start, with some excellent biographical information about him. However, I want you to go more in-depth to get the best possible mark. Think about the following questions for each of his images you have selected for your research:

How does your artist relate to your work? Do they explore the same subject (portraits?); do you like their use of perspective? Are you attracted to their use of pattern? Why or why not?
What areas of your artist’s work is excellent (be specific)? Why do you like them?
What areas of your artist’s work don’t you like (be specific)? Why?

Once you've answered these questions, you'll be able to prove that you can analyse, evaluate, and synthesise both his and your work. If some of these questions are a bit difficult for you to answer, think about comparing and contrasting some photographs that you have taken in his style.

-Ms. Powell

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