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Final Piece - Artist Research: Elio Leonardo Carchidi

Elio Leonardo Carchidi has been a photographer since the 1980, and also qualified at the best schools in Italy.
In addition, he continues to work with some of the famous Italian and international photographers. Many famous actors and well known people have enjoyed his great work!
Elio use to manage photo studios in Rome and also opened Studio 154 which is a new production house service.

My artist relates to my work as he shows contrast by using various images of the same subject to show different moods and also emotions.

I have used Elio Leonardo Carchidi as my artist comparison as the effect shown in his work are quite similar to the feelings and emotions which are also shown in my work.

Artist Comparison
My Picture:

Richard Avedon's Picture:

Photography: Original S

Photography: Print Screen S

Photography: Edited S
This is my letter S.
I rotated the images and cropped it.
I shaded the background black and left a tiny bit white. The S is left maroon 

Found Objects Artist: Michelle Stitzlein

Michelle Stitzlein is an American artist who creates found object art and sculpture from recycled materials. Stitzlein’s work is similar to any art educator interested in environmentally art. She is a local artist.
I found this image on Google Images, and the website this is from is: http://www.bluegranola.com/2010/02/04/the-art-of-garbage-part-3/

Photography: Original 1

Photography: Print Screen, 1

When I edited this number, I rotated the picture and then cropped it.
I left the number white and filled the outside black.

Photography: Editted 1